Top Biden Adviser Walks Away… No Faith in Joe

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Joe Biden’s team just took a major blow.

Susan Rice, one of Joe Biden’s most powerful and trusted advisers, has just announced that she is stepping away.

This will serve as one of the most high-profile departures at the worst of times for Biden.

Bad Timing

Rumors are flying that Joe is about to announce that he will be running again in 2024.

The fact that Rice is bailing the same week is just not a good look for the octogenarian president.

Rice will be serving out the month and leaving the administration in May.

Rice has been at the forefront of much of Biden’s domestic policy, which, in my eyes, has been a complete and utter disaster.

She has helped him form his agenda on such issues as gun control, immigration, border policy, and healthcare.

As most of you know, she is a holdover from the Obama era, with some saying that she may have been Obama’s mouthpiece in the Biden administration.

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Biden stated, “As the only person to serve as both National Security Advisor and Domestic Policy Advisor, Susan’s record of public service makes history.

“But what sets her apart as a leader and colleague is the seriousness with which she takes her role and the urgency and tenacity she brings, her bias towards action and results, and the integrity, humility and humor with which she does this work.”

She has given the usual excuse for leaving, in that she wants to spend more time with her family.

Good riddance!