He Will NOT Support Biden SCOTUS Nominee – Dems STUNNED

Joe Biden
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Just about everyone that has met Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson says that she is a nice woman.

Unfortunately, this nomination is not about personality.

This is about record and judicial methodology.

On that front, she is failing to win over a single Republican.

Thune is a No

Senator John Thune (R-S.D.) is the number two Republican in the Senate right now.

McConnell has already come out with a no, so Thune giving a “no” leads us to believe there will be no establishment support for Jackson at all.

She may win over a moderate, but even that is a longshot with leadership’s vocal opposition.

Thune, in announcing that he would not support her nomination, stated, “I enjoyed meeting with Judge Jackson and respect her achievements, but I cannot in good conscience vote for a Supreme Court justice whose record indicates that she will allow her personal political opinions to shape her judicial decisions.”

Considering the number of cases that Jackson had turned over by higher courts and some clear-cut cases of ideology being interjected into her decision-making, I just don’t see how anyone on the right can support her nomination.

At this point, there are probably only two votes that may be up for grabs, with one being Senator Susan Collins (R-ME).

Collins has reportedly reached back out to Jackson for clarification on a couple of issues.

Even so, I would be surprised if she crossed leadership.

Senator Murkowski (R-AK) could also be a question mark, but reports on where she stands have been pretty quiet thus far.