They Opened Up His Luggage… What They Found Was Horrifying

Dead Body Parts in Luggage
Photo via WGN News YouTube Video Screenshot

Imagine having a relative show up with a few pieces of luggage, storing them, then never opening them during the entire trip.

This is what happened when Melvin Martin Jr. traveled from Kentucky to Illinois to visit his family.

Eventually, after Martin kept asking them for clothes without ever opening his luggage, the family got suspicious.

When Martin headed out, family members opened the bags and what they found was horrifying.

Martin had allegedly cut his girlfriend to pieces, then stuffed some of her body parts in the bags to take with him.

His family immediately reported the findings to local authorities and Martin was taken into custody.

After telling authorities where they could find the rest of her remains in Kentucky, he also told them that he was carrying her remains so he could still have her with him… I kid you not…

You can read more about this report on ABC 7 Chicago.

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