Ann Coulter blows the ‘never any voter fraud’ narrative to bits

Ann Coulter
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Ann Coulter tends to spew an abundance of rhetoric, but she dropped some really great information this week in an op-ed on Breitbart.

Her topic… voter fraud.

The media and Democrats want us all to believe that voter fraud does not exist.

Coulter outlined several instances where it did determine the outcome of the election, including one state where mail-in voting both stole an election as well as leading to outright Democrat dominance since.

Senator Al Franken is one of the cases where she goes into specifics, showing how those infamous late-discovered ballots (we are seeing a LOT of that in this election) turned a 725-vote deficit into a 312-vote win for the Democrat.

An investigation later revealed that more than 1,000 ineligible felons voted. And who do you think they voted for?

An even more interesting case was in Washington state where a 3,492 margin of victory for a Republican turned into a 129-vote win for the Democrat, as ballots just continued to show up after election day until the Democrat won.

The state now relies heavily on mail-in voting, and Republicans don’t win.

The last Republican governor left office in 1985. Both senators are now Democrats with the last Republican leaving office in 2001 and seven of the 10 representatives in the House are Democrats.

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As President Trump has stated many times… you allow widespread mail-in voting and you open your doors to fraud to the point that no Republican will win again.

Washington used to be a state that was a revolving door for both parties, but that has changed dramatically and it all points to mail-in voting.

You can read Coulter’s full breakdown on Breitbart.