Top Democrat Caught on Camera… We Got Him!

Phil Murphy
Photo via Twitter Video Screenshot

What are the main things Democrats continue to say are the largest contributors to spreading the virus?

Large family gatherings, restaurants, and bars, right?

So, can someone please tell me why New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is dining out in a party of six with booze all over the table?

I hope you noticed that after he realized the event was being filmed, he immediately decided to put on his mask, right after he sat there smirking at the woman that confronted him!

And, for all those snowflakes upset that someone confronted him in public, let’s remember how Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was treated when he was out with his wife, as well as both Tomi Lahren and Sarah Sanders, who were also confronted in public.

All I know is that I am just happy to see conservatives fighting back using the same techniques the left has been using on us for the last four years.