Jen Psaki FLIPS on Biden… White House FUMING

Jen Psaki

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had no problem spinning a yarn when she was protecting Joe Biden.

Now that she is a talking head for a mainstream media outlet, she is throwing just a little shade at her former boss.

I would imagine the White House was seething when they heard her recent comments.

Time for Change

Biden has been facing protests in the form of “uncommitted” votes in the primary election.

If we look at the percentages, they have not cost Biden the nomination, obviously, but several states in the 2020 election would have been flipped with these numbers.

When you consider that Joe Biden is polling much worse now than he was during the 2020 cycle, this has to be a concern for Democrats.

On Biden’s response to Israel, Psaki, who now works for MSNBC, stated, “Clearly the strategy that the United States is implementing at this point is not working to change the behavior of Prime Minister Netanyahu, it is not working to end the war.

“So obviously, something has to change.”

Netanyahu has been adamant that he will not have another cease-fire until Hamas agrees to free all hostages.

He has also stated that the war will not be over until he has completely destroyed Hamas.

The problem for Israel, however, is that Netanyahu needs all the aid that the United States provides. He can posture now, but if Biden threatens to pull military aid, Netanyahu’s hand could be forced.

Considering that Israelis are on the side of Netanyahu on this, it could also cost him his position as Prime Minister, which would delight Democrats to no end.

Make no mistake about it, however, that if Netanyahu is forced to call for a cease-fire, Hamas will recover, grow stronger, and strike again, and that blood will be directly on the hands of everyone in the Biden administration.