Jack Smith Officially Retreats

jack smith
jack smith

Special Counsel Jack Smith continues to take losses and he’s just suffered another. Smith has just quietly withdrawn the subpoenas seeking records from former President Donald Trump‘s 2020 campaign and political and fundraising operations as part of an investigation into whether any crimes were committed.

This was followed by the retraction of a similar subpoena issued to Save America, which was established by Trump’s aides after his unsuccessful challenges against the 2020 election results.

This decision to effectively kill these subpoenas has been viewed as a win for Republicans and an indication that Smith’s office is slowing or even ending its months-long investigation into whether any laws were violated in regards to Trump’s fund-raising efforts following claims about “rigged elections”.

It also casts doubt over whether there is anything criminal behind this particular case or if it is simply protected Free Speech rhetoric used during political campaigns – something that nearly all candidates use in some form or another.

Smith’s team had been looking into allegations since November of last year concerning both Save America and the Trump campaign regarding possible violations of federal wire fraud statutes within their fundraising efforts. The indictment filed in August accused Mr. Trump of conspiring to remain in office by subverting the election process but did not mention any financial aspects associated with his actions.

In total, they managed to raise nearly $250 million through such language and other appeals despite most legal challenges being dismissed on procedural grounds; only a few were decided favorably towards either Trump himself or members of his party.

As such, rescinding this subpoena may indicate that no charges will ultimately result from this investigation as there appears unlikely anything unique about this case against Donald J .Trump which would lead to conviction over other candidates who presumably use similar tactics during their campaigns.