White House Prepares for Imminent Attacks

White House
Photo Courtesy of Radek Kucharski via Creative Commons License

As this plays out, there is little doubt if things start to look like Donald Trump is going to be elected, violence and rioting will break out all over the country.

As such, the White House is taking extra precautions to keep our President, his family, and staffers protected.

Security at the White House is erecting a non-scalable fence around the perimeter of the White House to secure the residence.

We have also seen reports of business owners boarding up their windows in cities like D.C., Philadelphia, and New York, all anticipating widespread rioting if the election swings to Trump’s favor.

This is violence that could be quelled if Democrats simply stepped up and told their people to stand down, but we all know that will not happen.

Democrats are already out there saying the only way they lose is if Trump suppresses the vote and steals the election, which is only winding up the left more than they already are.

We are also seeing reports that the National Guard has been put on alert in several areas around the country, ready to respond if rioting gets out of control.

Dig in, patriots, because we are in for a long week.

You can read more about this on the Washington Examiner, CNN, and NBC News.

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