Trump Vows Election Is NOT Over

Donald Trump
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Many Americans went to bed last night feeling as though Donald Trump was a lock to win a second term.

They woke up this morning to see that the election now seems to hang on Nevada.

Both Wisconsin and Michigan now appear to be falling for Biden.

If that happens and Biden also takes Nevada, Joe Biden has the 270 electoral votes he will need.

Trump, however, has vowed to take this election to court.

He stated that his legal team will be “going to the U.S. Supreme Court” to fight the blatant changes that were made to election laws in a completely illegal manner.

For instance, the extension for PA votes as well as other changes were made by the local election board, not the state legislature, which the state constitution requires.

Stay patient, patriots, because no matter what the media says today, this election is far from over.

You can read more about this on Fox News.

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