Joe Biden Just Made His First Presidential Appointment… And It’s a Complete DISASTER

Joe Biden
Photo Courtesy of jlhervàs via Creative Commons License

We all know how disastrous the Obama-Biden administration’s handling of the H1N1 virus was, even if the media fails to report it.

So, what does Joe Biden do as his first appointment announcement?

Biden announced that Vivek Murthy, Obama’s final surgeon general, will be appointed to lead the Biden COVID-19 task force.

Murthy was not the surgeon general during the H1N1 outbreak but the fact that Biden is already leaning on former Obama officials to take the lead in his administration is a pretty big wake-up call.

To all those Republicans that felt that Obama failed the country but decided that voting out Trump because of his personality was a necessity, the damage that is about to be done to this country falls squarely in your lap.

You can read more about this appointment in the New York Post.