White House Shocking Admission

White House
White House

Looks like the federal government has been caught lying to us again, and one Republican senator has just revealed the truth. We were originally told that there were “less than ten” American hostages been held by Hamas however, now Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has revealed that there actually are nearby 500 Americans stuck in Gaza unable to leave.

The Biden administration has stated that Hamas is demanding something that America is not willing to give for their release.

Only two Americans have been allowed to leave Gaza after the attack while over 200 Israelis and “less than ten” Americans remain hostages at this time; four of those hostages have since been released.

Senator Blackburn took to X on Tuesday, October 31 with a tweet stating “The White House admitted Hamas is holding nearly 500 Americans hostage in Gaza” followed by another statement calling for National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s resignation with the argument that these 500 people should be considered hostages under federal law as stated in 18 U.S. Code § 1203 according to her office’s remarks on the matter.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken reported at a Senate hearing that approximately 400 other American individuals are also trapped within Hamas-controlled Gaza, while John Kirby from the National Security Council declared at Monday’s White House briefing that several hundred more are unable to leave due to demands made by Hamas.

Senator Blackburn signed onto a letter composed by Republican senators which denounced Joe Biden’s plan for $9 billion worth of humanitarian aid for Gaza due to concerns over proper oversight when it comes from money going towards a government run by terrorists.

It is clear from Senator Marsha Blackburn’s statements and actions that she does not believe any form of humanitarian assistance should be given until all American citizens held captive in Gaza are released unharmed and able to return home safely.