Trump Just Announced It… He’s In

Donald Trump
Photo via Fox News Video Screenshot

So, here we go, folks, Donald Trump is in.

I wanted to give it a few minutes to let it settle in before I commented on this.

Trump gave a great speech, he’s in, but can he win?

For a Movement…

If Trump had held the narrative that he had tonight all along, he would have every conservative in this country behind him.

I have two issues with Trump right now.

He is blasting really solid Republicans to boost his own profile.

He did not spend any money from his Save America PAC to boost his candidates.

Trump HAS to make this about the people, not about him.

He needs to stop talking about himself and keep the narrative about exactly what he spoke about tonight.

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He laid out a great plan, the speech was great.

It was nice to hear someone talk that can actually remember things, but how long can he keep it up?

Trump has to make nice with the people he insulted, especially with DeSantis.

I keep asking it… can he win?

He will dominate the primary; I have no doubt whatsoever of that.

But can he win the general election? We will not know until election night 2024.

You can see his full speech in the video below…

This campaign is everything for Trump, and I mean that literally.

If he wins, it will be the greatest political comeback of all time.

If he loses, he will never be forgiven and what legacy he has will be crushed.

The first thing I want to see from Trump is him reaching out personally to Governors Youngkin and DeSantis.

He needs them in his corner, regardless if they run for president or not (and I doubt either of them will run).

We need everyone on the same page in this election, EVERYONE.

We know how Democrats play and we know they stack the deck with early voting.

The number one concern for Republicans needs to be to match that effort, then dominate same-day voting.

We have to beat Democrats at their own game and crush them, and the way we do that is everyone, every last single conservative voter, is on the same page. ;

Trump has a huge job ahead of him to lure in conservative voters that vowed to never vote for him again.

He will have plenty of RINO Republicans working against him, so this will not be easy.

It can be done, but it will not be easy.