They Just Found Him DEAD – Fans in MOURNING

Dead Funeral
Photo By LightFieldStudios

Today, baseball fans are mourning the loss of Odalis Perez.

During his career, Perez played for four major league teams, most notably with the Dodgers and Braves.

He was only 44 years old.

Shock Death

Reports surfaced late Thursday night that Perez had passed.

The Dodgers also announced the death on social media…

According to his attorney, Walin Batista, Perez fell from a ladder while alone in his house.

Batista stated, “Around 7 p.m., his brother Cristian Perez arrived at the house and found Odalis lying in the patio.

“We don’t know yet the cause of his death, but everything seems to indicate Odalis slipped down a ladder.

“This is a tragedy.”

He was a middling pitcher for most of his career, but he did have a breakout season in 2002.

He made the All-Star team that year as a Dodger, going 15-10 with a 3.00 ERA.

His final season in the big leagues was 2008, pitching for the Washington Nationals.