James Corden Announces Last Year of ‘The Late, Late Show’

James Corden
Photo via The Hollywood Reporter YouTube Video Screenshot

Late-night TV fans got some very disappointing news this week.

One of the most popular evening hosts has announced that this will be the last season of his show.

James Corden, who hosts “The Late, Late Show,” is calling it quits.

One More Season

Corden has a fairly significant following, mostly because he does not litter his show making a political stance like most other late-night TV hosts do.

He tends to focus on actual entertainment, if you can believe that.

Even so, his show has had controversy from the uber-woke over one segment he does.

“Spill Your Guts, Fill Your Guts” features some pretty off-the-wall food that must be eaten if you wish not to answer a question.

Many of the foods he serves are considered delicacies in certain cultures, so the segment has been taken as an insult by the snowflakes because the consumption of the food sometimes results in Corden or his challenger throwing up in a conveniently placed bucket next to the table.

Case in point…

Corden explained why he was leaving during his Thursday night monologue…

I am not a fan of late-night TV, but on the odd occasion I watch, this is usually the show I will turn on.

Good luck in the next phase, James. You were always a hoot to watch.