TGI Friday’s Just Leaked Some VERY Bad News


As much as I like eating at a mom-and-pop restaurant, there’s something almost comforting about eating at a chain place.

Let me give you an example as to why. I do a lot of traveling. I mean a lot. At least half the year I find myself on the road for either business or vacation. So I find myself eating at restaurants a fair bit more than the average person.

One recent trip had me in the car for about three days. Every single morning, I would start at a Denny’s in a different town.

The food was the exact same in every location. Especially when you are on the road, you like to know what you are getting.

Also if you have family that’s visiting from out of town and they want to go out to eat one night. People hate the idea that something that they are only going to try once is going to be terrible. When you’re spending money, people love to go with a sure thing.

That cousin from Ohio would have no problem ordering something from a TGI Friday’s in Florida, the same way they’d have no problem ordering from the one down the street from their house.

Well, except TGI Friday’s might be having something to do with that. In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of businesses that have fallen by the wayside since Joe Biden took office.

Even chain places like Friday’s have been forced to close up locations all over the country. And it’s not some location in a town of 200 people either.

We’re talking restaurant locations in major cities all over the United States.

If chain places are being forced to close down locations with all of the corporate backing and support that they have you know that Joe Biden has definitely injected a lethal dose of poison in the American economy.

What’s so terrible about this is that each location likely employs dozens of people. You multiply that by the number of locations that are closing and that is putting a heck of a lot of people out of work.

Some of these people who are being sent off can’t transfer to other locations due to where they live. For some of them, it was the only job that they could find.

It’s a shame that so many places all over the United States like Friday’s are being forced to close so many locations like this.