Livestream Captures the Horrific Moment This Radio Host is Gunned Down

radio host

A Facebook livestream captured the exact moment a radio anchor was killed in the Philippines, according to local police. The host, Juan Jumalon, was shot twice by an intruder who had been pretending to be one of his listeners.

The intruder stole the man’s gold necklace before fleeing the scene.

He was pronounced dead upon arriving at the hospital and graphic footage of the incident has been circulated online. This tragedy has sparked outrage across the nation and is yet another reminder of how dangerous it is for journalists in the Philippines according to Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index.

In response to this tragedy, an investigation is currently underway to determine who was responsible for this horrendous crime and their motivation behind it. A composite image of one suspected murderer wearing a Boston Red Sox cap has been released by CNN Philippines.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. also made a statement condemning this attack on freedom of press saying that those who threaten it will face consequences for their actions.

The statement read, “Attacks on journalists will not be tolerated in our democracy, and those who threaten the freedom of the press will face the full consequences of their actions.”

Many tributes have poured out to Jumalon across social media including from #FactsFirstPH coalition shared by Rappler which stated he is 199th journalist killed since 1986 in the nation as result of attacks on press freedom.

Youth groups have organized rallies throughout the country appalled by these deaths and calling for justice against attackers who are often not held accountable for their horrific crimes against journalists simply doing their job and exercising freedom of speech we hold so dear here in America too.

This incident serves a reminder that free speech is an essential right given by many democracies across the world including ours here in America which should not be taken lightly or abused.