BLM’s Sickening Attack Against Police… THIS is GROSS!

BLM vs Cops
Photo via Ian Miles Cheong Twitter Video Screenshot

It is apparently open season on the police right now.

In cities around the country, every possible form of low-life in existence is now emboldened to do and say whatever they want to police officers.

Recently, in Los Angeles, officers stood there very calmly why a couple of ANTIFA/BLM thugs taunted them, even saying they were going to rape a cop’s girlfriend…

The sad reality is that in a city like LA, the cops have to sit back and take this garbage, yet if someone else on the street were to attack these idiots, those very same officers would have to protect him.

Let’s start flipping this narrative by simply saying “thank you” to our officers next time you see one on the street.

It will be a nice contrast to the big plate of sh** they are being forced to eat every day they punch the clock in these Democrat cities.