They Just Murdered Him in Cold Blood

Patriot Rally
Photo via Twitter Video Screenshot (in article)

Saturday afternoon, a horrifying scene played out at a Patriot Muster in Denver.

BLM supporters showed up to disrupt the rally and everything went sideways very quickly.

Here is what we believe was the initial confrontation that led to the shooting…

As reports continued to break, we found out the man that allegedly shot the victim was security that was hired by 9News, which the outlet said is regular practice when it covers these types of events.

Here is another video of the confrontation from afar, where you see the spraying of the mace happens at virtually the same time as the gunshot…

Clearly, the shooter was overly aggressive here and the police are investigating the incident as such.

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After the man was arrested, it was announced the shooting is being investigated as a homicide.

Amazingly, some members of the media were already trying to find a way to blame the shooting on the victim, probably because he was a conservative.

You can see more pictures of the shooting as it took place on the Daily Mail.