SHOCK Video Released… White House Going BALLISTIC


    The border issue has gone largely unreported by most mainstream media outlets.

    Biden cannot afford for this to get out before the election as there are plenty of Democrat voters that do support locking down our borders.

    This is especially true during an economic downturn.

    The Video

    Fox News’ new toy has taken some rather dramatic videos in the past.

    The new drone has been able to use thermal imagery to show large groups of migrants coming across the border.

    This video should wake everyone up to the reality of what is happening at the border right now…

    The video was taken at Eagle Pass, arguably the point of access used by the majority of illegals crossing the border.

    It is not so much the number that is disturbing as it is the ease with which they are crossing.

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    Sadly, once they get over the border, far too many of our agents are now processing them rather than rounding them up and sending them back.

    Latest estimates are that more than 6,000 migrants are coming over the border every day, a number that will only rise as the weather cools.