Senate Republicans Already Rolling Over for Biden

Joe Biden
Photo Courtesy of jlhervàs via Creative Commons License

Remember all those Republican senators that were hanging on for dear life during the election?

Senator Susan Collins comes to mind…

Trump supporters rallied behind her to ensure that we held onto the majority in the Senate, and now she and several other RINOs in the Senate are about to sell out conservatives.

Senators Murkowski, Collins, and Romney all appear to be ready to give Biden just about as much freedom as he wants in his cabinet, which is pretty scary considering some of the names that have been getting mentioned (most notably Susan Rice).

Collins stated that Biden deserves “great latitude” in picking his cabinet.

Romney stated that he believes a “president ought to be able to pick his or her Cabinet barring someone who is out of the mainstream of either party.”

Murkowski stated, “He’s our president-elect. All presidents have a right to their Cabinet. Our job, our role is to make sure that he selects folks that are … within the mainstream. And are good, qualified credible candidates. And if he does that, sure, I am going to work with him.”

So, as it turns out, Democrats don’t need to have a majority to get their way because we have enough spineless Republicans in office that will give them what they want anyway.

You can read more about this report on Politico.

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