Michelle Obama Bombshell News

They know Barack will talk Mike into taking over for Joe Biden, somehow.

Progressives really don’t care what Michelle Obama has to say about it. They know Barack will talk Mike into taking over for Joe Biden, somehow. After all, Democracy is at stake. If Trump gets back into office, not only are Joe Biden, Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray going to jail, Republicans might go fishing into Barack’s birth certificate again. Maybe even re-investigate the death of Loretta Jean Fuddy.

Another Obama Presidency

Michelle Obama swears up and down that she won’t do it and nobody can make her. Every other progressive chuckles that only means the right deal isn’t on the table yet. Woke liberals had a rude awakening on debate night. After Joe Biden’s miserable performance, the only remaining option is for the Big Guy to fall on his sword.

That way, the campaign can try to clean up the mess he left fouling the carpet. They might not be able to get the stains out. On top of that, trying to bluff his way past an Article 25 removal is going to be an uphill battle.

Despite the way Joe keeps insisting he’s fine and staying to the bitter end, it’s looking pretty grim for Democrats. Biden refuses to take a cognitive exam, which would lay the matter to rest.

That proves he knows he would flunk and everyone around him knows it, too. Panic stricken progressives instantly started running polls to see who to run against Trump. None of them came out ahead of their deplorable foe except one. Michelle Obama has a chance.

To Democrats, the president is merely a figurehead. The real power comes from the back door connections to Brussels. The World Economic Forum simply loves Barry but he’s had his turn.

Why not stick Michelle in the slot and she can sign anything Barry tells her to sign. The rest of the job is smile, wave and read the teleprompter. At least Michelle wouldn’t wander away or start sniffing kids. To the left, one Obama is the same as another.

Michelle Obama has a chance.

Only chance to stop Trump

When Democrats got a good look at the results of their crash and burn survey, conducted by Reuters/Ipsos, they knew in an instant that it’s all up to Michelle Obama. Anything at all that she wants is hers, as long as she agrees to play along.

Barry says to act coy for a while to make it look good, so they can finalize a deal that makes Bernie Sanders’ beach house look like a tent on the L.A. sidewalk.

Even after his debate performance, Joe Biden is polling neck-and-neck with Trump but Democrats can’t count on him keeping office until November. Michelle Obama polled much stronger than Joe in a hypothetical match up with Trump. She scored a 50 to Trump’s 39. Those are attention getting numbers.

Back in February, a Rasmussen Reports poll showed the same thing. “Despite her popularity, the former first lady has repeatedly said she will not be pursuing a bid for the White House.

Kamala Harris doesn’t stand a chance but she did better than Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer. These results make it clear to everyone that with Joe out of the way, Michelle Obama could possibly do the unthinkable and beat Trump.

One thing’s for certain, if she does end up on the ticket, Trump’s going to have to work a whole lot harder.