NYPD shoots and kills suspect… no rioting, no looting, no outrage

    NYPD Shooting
    Photo via Facebook Video Screenshot

    On Sunday, the New York Police Department was called to an active shooter scene.

    During a Christmas concert at a local church in Harlem, an unidentified shooter opened fire.

    Police responded within minutes and after a bit of a standoff, the shooter was shot and killed.

    Deadly force was clearly needed here, as civilians were still in danger and the man had two guns waving around.

    That usually means little to the media and Democrats, however, as their first assumption is generally that the officers were too aggressive.

    That did not happen here… I wonder why…

    To see the full video of the incident, click here, and you can probably figure out why Dems are sitting on their hands on this one.

    Source: Fox News