News Anchor Shamed For “Inappropriate Dress” Can You SEE Why?


On a local level, I would have to say that your city’s newscasters are probably some of the more recognizable people in your area.

I lived in a city that had about sixty thousand people in it but was large enough to be a broadcast television market.

It seemed that at least once a week you would spot one of the folks from the evening news out on the town.

I had a funny interaction with the local sports guy once. I was in a bookstore and was looking through the books on sports when the local sports guy comes up next to me.

We are both looking at possible choices and then asks me some sports questions.

I said to him, “wait a minute, you’re the sports guy on the news…shouldn’t I be asking YOU the questions,” which got a good laugh out of him.

That being said, some people put way too much stock into certain things and some people to be quite honest are just nosy busybodies who will complain about anything.

Some folks just don’t realize when some things aren’t that big of a deal. However, that will never stop anyone from writing a television station.

Take for example an incident that happened with a news anchor named Kristen Nicole. She’s a TV personality in Chicago and from all accounts you would be hard pressed to find someone that had a bad word to say about her.

In other words, a good and decent person. Now, that being said we all know that anyone that is appearing on television on an almost daily basis has to look good.

I don’t care how good a TV personality you are, we only had one Andy Rooney for a reason.

So there was a dress that she was wearing that she had in her rotation once every twenty or so broadcasts that happened to come up around the time she was showing her baby bump during her second pregnancy.

Believe it or not, people began complaining. I mean really, there are far more important problems in the world than worrying about a pregnant woman whose dress was a little too tight and showed the baby bump.

It just goes to show that some people don’t watch the news to watch the news…