Retail Giant Forced to Its Most Desperate Move to Counter Theft


As crimes rates in blue cities continue to soar higher and higher, some retail giants have begun to take desperate measures in order to protect themselves from shoplifters. And this latest move by CVS could arguably be one of the most desperate.

One particular CVS store in Washington, D.C. had to take drastic measures against theft by removing much of its stock from shelves and replacing it with photos of what customers used to be able to buy themselves.

Joey Mannarino, a conservative commentator, posted photos of this CVS on H Street online and described his experience there as being akin to living in a third world country – noting that he’d recently visited Barcelona where Mac laptops were left out on display for customers to purchase without fear of them being stolen.

The Daily Mail even reported about how another CVS location on 14th Street was targeted by a gang of 50 teenage looters recently, leaving the shelves nearly empty with barely anything available for customers to buy. WTTG-TV reporter Sierra Fox said that the store looked like it was closing due to lack of items while Mark Ward couldn’t even get himself water because they had taken everything.

Rodney Demetrius, who runs a flower stand across from the CVS store echoed these sentiments saying “Thieves…they took everything.”

In response to all this theft activity, CVS stated that there are no plans yet to close any locations in Washington D.C., but instead they are working closely with DC Metro Police “to identify and dismantle several major shoplifting rings” as well as partnering up with local law enforcement agencies such as the DC Attorney General’s office “to combat retail theft.”

According to The National Retail Federation estimates retail theft costs U.S businesses around $112 billion dollars each year with projections estimating that number going up even higher in 2025 reaching $115 billion dollars.