Major Company Closing HUNDREDS Of Locations

dunkin donuts

When I was a kid, I would spend a couple of weeks every summer with my aunt and uncle in Chicago.

They were wonderful people, and they had a Dunkin Donuts about a block away from their house.

It was a treat going to this place with them because it was before Dunkin Donuts had spread across the nation.

Growing up and becoming an adult, it seems that it happened with the expansion of the company. By the time I was in the military, you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a Dunkin Donuts, and that was on the military bases.

Heck, even when I got married my wife and I would go to Dunkin about every other morning and have our coffee there.

To be fair, part of it was because our coffee maker broke and we didn’t feel like getting one, but that’s beside the point.

These days though, it seems that they aren’t as prevalent as they were. Part in due to the past couple of years of Obam…excuse me, Joe Biden and his (and definitely not being told by Obama) policies it seems that tons of places are being closed down by the dozens.

Dunkin Donuts is no exception. Recently the corporation made an announcement that they are closing down approximately five hundred locations throughout the United States.

Now, I was doing the math on this and if each Dunkin’ Donuts location employs ten people, and those jobs go away…if you multiply that by five hundred you have five thousand people that are going to suddenly be out of work.

It seems that a good portion of these locations are in areas that are not exactly in the richest towns but at the same time donuts are not exactly a rich man’s food.

They are the food that pretty much everyone and anyone eats.

I have seen them building locations in rich areas and it seems absolutely sickening to me because that just forces the folks who work at these places, who aren’t exactly rich, to travel further to get to work.

It is just another thing in a long string of things that the Deep State is using to keep the population under their thumbs.