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Liberal Target Shopper Ordered “Queer Books”, What She Was Sent Had Her Beyond Livid


Do you know what’s one of the more amusing things about liberals that can quickly become a big pain in the neck? They think everyone is out to get them.

Seriously. Every single time that something happens to a liberal or someone that identifies with liberal causes they act like everyone is conspiring against them. People with sense simply do not think that way.

Give you an example, a few years ago I decided to buy a new Roku stick for the television in the camper. It wasn’t much, maybe fifty dollars at the absolute most. So I waited the day or two for the thing to arrive in the mail, and when it got delivered I opened the box up…only to see a toilet tank flapper staring me in the face.

The box the tank flapper arrived in was the same size box that the Roku would normally get sent in. I called them up and explained the mistake, and they sent me the right thing right away.

I can only imagine what the poor person who was waiting to fix their toilet must have been thinking when my Roku arrived to them.

You’ll notice something about that story. When it happened to me I got a good laugh out of it and called them to fix the mistake, then went on with my day of getting my camper ready to head out.

What I did not do was call Amazon up and complain that I was being conspired against because I was a conservative. I did not accuse them of doing it intentionally.

Sometimes, when mistakes happen in retail, things that could only be construed as intentional by the thickheaded are complete and total accidents.

Take for example the case of a person named Liv, one of the alphabet people. She ordered what she called “three queer books” from the Target website to have delivered to her home.

Now, if you order three books, you should expect to get three books. Liv got a copy of The Bible mailed to her instead.

Not saying that getting a copy of The Bible mailed to me would be an unwelcome thing, but if I ordered three specific books I would probably call them up and ask for what I ordered.

Did she do that and let the matter lie? No. In a rambling video that has since been deleted, possibly due to complete embarrassment, she started accusing Target on the whole of conspiring against her and doing it on purpose.

Really now. If you factor in the law of averages, it was only a matter of time before someone bought a batch of “queer books” and got a copy of The Bible instead.

Maybe if she was reading what she got sent instead of what she ordered there’d be far fewer problems to begin with.