Man Offers His Son For Sale to Pay Off Debt

for sale

When faced with a mountain of debt, some people become incredibly desperate and turn to shocking ways of getting loan sharks off their backs…and this is one example of that. A shocking incident took place in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh located in India that has left many people stunned.

A 45-year-old man was desperate to the point of attempting to ‘sell’ his young son on a busy street. The father put up a banner around his neck that read “My son is for sale, I want to sell him” and he was asking for Rs 6 – 8 lakhs.

The father, Rajkumar, had borrowed Rs 50,000 from a moneylender named Chandrapal Singh in order to buy property. Unfortunately for Rajkumar, the money lender manipulated him and he ended up losing both his money and the property.

He claims the moneylender harassed and humiliated him in front of his children as well as throwing him out of their home, taking away his only means of supporting himself and his family: an e-rickshaw. Despite visiting the local police station numerous times no FIR was registered against Chandrapal Singh.

Rajkmur also claimed that he had already paid Rs 6,000 back to the moneylender but was struggling to pay off what remained of the loan amount due. Fortunately for Rajkumar (and perhaps more importantly his son) this story has a happy ending – with both parties arriving at a resolution with consent from both sides after consultation with Aligarh Police’s area officer.

Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav criticized UP’s government over this incident saying “This is the ‘amrit kaal’ of BJP when a father is forced to sell his son”. He added that before this picture spreads across world tarnishing India’s image someone needs to wake up the government.

It takes extreme desperation for a father to even consider selling their own child, and it goes without saying how difficult these circumstances must have been for Rajkumar himself.