Elizabeth Warren Attempts to Send Hidden Message, Gets Caught in the Act

Elizabeth Warren
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

For those of you in my age bracket, you will remember the scandal that movie theaters created by putting subliminal messages in the movie reels.

The idea was to put a flash of something like a soda or a hot dog to get people to go to the concession stands and spend more money.

Well, Elizabeth Warren, during her DNC speech, tried to pull the same trick on the American people.

Watch Warren’s speech, then tell me if you pick it up…

No? Well, you weren’t looking hard enough!

The Twitterverse blew up because on the book cubbies on the right side of the screen, the letters B-L-M were carefully placed to show support of the Black Lives Matter movement…


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This is what Democrats are resorting to, a mind f*** to try to win votes and gain support for BLM.


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