CNN Has Absolute Meltdown After Presidential Debate

    CNN-Jake Tapper
    Photo via CNN YouTube Video Screenshot

    The entire left is on a meltdown right now, looking for anything they can grasp onto to defend Joe Biden.

    Trump said something last night that I knew they would latch onto and twist to suit their narrative.

    When Trump was asked to denounce white supremacist groups, he told the Proud Boys to “stand back, stand by.”

    Suddenly, this has been interpreted to mean that Trump was literally putting the Proud Boys on alert, which was clearly not the case.

    The man has denounced these groups so many times already, yet the left continues to act as though Trump is a card-carrying member.

    This was the CNN recap…and it is pathetic…

    Tapper also tried to pull on the heartstrings, stating that he was  “getting text messages from friends all over the country.

    “A friend of mine, in Kansas City, watching her first debate with her sixth-grade daughter, daughter bursts into tears, has to run to bed.

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    “Because she was so appalled, this sixth-grade girl, at what she saw from the president of the United States.

    “We all want to dive into the substance, but it’s almost difficult to get there.”

    You can read more about the rection on Breitbart.