Bodega Worker Who Fended Off Attacker Charged with Murder

NYC Bodega Worker
Photo via NY Post Video Screenshot

Alvin Bragg is the uber-progressive DA in Manhattan.

Since taking office, he has proven that he is far more for criminals than he is for honest and hard-working Americans.

Keep that in mind as you read this report…

But It Was Self-Defense…

So here is the situation.

Jose Alba is a 51-year-old man who works at a local bodega.

A woman came in with her child and wanted to buy a bag of chips, but her EBT card was declined.

Alba took the chips back, at which point the woman went nuts, knocking over a counter display, then ran home to tell her man she had been disrespected.

About 10 minutes later, 34-year-old Austin Simon jumps the counter and pushes Alba into the shelving.

Alba goes to get up, when Simon goes after him again.

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Alba, who is clearly overmatched, is in fear of life, literally stating that he felt he was in a “him or me” moment, grabs a knife, and stabs Simon.

Simon continues tussling, and Alba stabs him several times to fend him off.

Simon ends up dying.

I could not find a video that showed the entire encounter, so you can see the video in full in the New York Post (click here).

Now, after you watch that video, decide if you think charges should be filed against Alba… because the DA did, and hit him with a murder charge.

Alba has no criminal record, while Simon just got out of jail for assaulting a police officer and was on probation, not to mention numerous other arrests.

If you are shaking your head, join the club.

Kayleigh McEnany is also baffled…

The only solace is that I have to believe there is no way in hell that a jury will convict Alba of murder when they see everything in real-time as it happened.