Portland Officials Shocked to Learn THIS About the Police

portland police

Democrat city officials in the liberal paradise of Portland, Oregon, recently came to the realization that cops actually prevent violent crime. The progressive residents who voted them in all believed what BLM was chanting. That prosecuting criminals and locking them away is racist, because so many criminals are Black. The well indoctrinated rabble soon learned that they’re against unchecked urban violence even more. Especially when they’re the victims. After hiring back some of the police they defunded, everyone’s relieved to see crime numbers creeping back down.

Cops prevent crime

Not only do cops arrest people for committing crimes, just having them around and doing their unpopular job also prevents violent crimes from being committed in the first place. Any conservative could have told them that, and many did.

The feeble experiment which Portland, Oregon, tried – relieving racism by defunding their police – failed miserably. City officials are sheepishly admitting it, as they hang out the help wanted sign for law enforcement officers again.

Spiraling crime in Portland is finally coming under control,” officials announced. Their safety situation is improving dramatically since “city leaders reversed radical cuts to police budgets.” By 2022, murders were at a record high, last year’s count “was down markedly.

Other “violent offenses” besides homicide spiked through the roof when all the cops got canned. “The sharp rise in crime started in 2020 when the city took steps to defund the police following protests over George Floyd’s murder.

To appease the angry Black masses, “Portland City Council voted to approve $15 million in reductions to the police bureau and 84 sworn staff positions were cut.

Without any cops around, criminals went on an out-of-control spree of larceny and murder. It got to the point that someone might shoot you over the slightest provocation. Like parking in the wrong space.

Forced to U-turn

Nobody could deny that when they still had cops in 2019, they only had 36 murders the whole year. By 2022 they were up to 97. Since hiring back a few of the ones they cut, and spending months training them, the number’s back down to 85 and the month-by-month statistics finally show a downward trend.

After city leaders were forced to “U-turn and reinstate some funding,” the “increase in crime has slowed and the rate of some offenses has declined.

Another of the social experiments they’re reconsidering is the total legalization of drugs. Recently, Portland “declared a state of emergency over an explosion in the use of fentanyl.

Since they hired more cops, they can actually arrest a few dealers. The one’s they’ve been catching also deal bootleg Lego at a huge discount. That’s because retail theft had also been decriminalized.

Hiring more cops to clear away the zombies and act as a deterrent through visible presence is only half the solution. It’s not going to do any good in the long run unless the laws are actually enforced. That means the prosecutors and judges have to do their part as well.

Prosecutors need to become much more aggressive and judges a lot less willing to release repeat offenders. Otherwise, it will go back to the same dangerous days of violence, theft and murder as cops drop the criminals off at the entrance to the revolving door on one day, then drag them back to it again the next.