Joe Biden
Photo via Stephen Colbert YouTube Video Screenshot

Joe Biden just returned to DC after a four-day vacation with the family to Ireland.

He did not head right back to DC to catch up on things, however.

Instead, he went to his beach house for the weekend before returning to DC.

And what did Joe do when he got back to DC?

Well, the White House called a lid at 9:00 a.m., so the interviews were done for the day.

Calling in Sick

Joe Biden has a busy schedule last week, and when that happens, he needs to recharge those batteries.

Four days of touring castles and shaking hands, then three days at the beach, well, Joe needs a vacation to recover from his vacation!

The day had barely started when the White House shut down the media for the day…

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The GOP, of course, pounced…

The nonsense this man continues to get away with is utterly shocking.

At what point does the media say enough is enough?