Joe May Wander Off But That’s Okay, Jill Assures Seniors

Joe may wander off while they aren't watching him but that's alright.

Joe may wander off while they aren’t watching him but that’s alright, Jill Biden assured an audience of seniors on Friday. Freezing up like he did at the Juneteenth gala is really no big deal. It’s not like he actually makes the decisions or anything. He has handlers for that. After sitting next to Hunter in court, while he heard the jury pronounce him guilty on federal gun felonies, Jill jetted off to Italy. Now, she’s in Reno. There, she tried to convince a “crowd of seniors” that Joe’s competence isn’t the issue, Donald Trump is. “We can’t wake up on November 6 like we did in 2016 terrified of the future ahead of us.” A future which promises lengthy prison sentences for a large chunk of the Biden family.

Joe can handle it

According to his wife, Joe Biden is “ready, willing and able to handle a second term as president.” She knows all about the videos making social media rounds. One shows Biden freezing up solid at a Juneteenth celebration. He didn’t quite understand what was going on there anyway.

Another shows him “wandering away from G7 leaders at a summit in Italy.” A paratrooper was apparently more interesting than the gathered world leaders.

This election, Dr. Jill Biden educated the crowd, “is about the character of the person leading our country.” The last thing the Deep State needs, she explained, is a leader who actually wants to make America great again. That upsets Joe’s handlers in Brussels who prefer wide open borders and one big happy global government. Run by them.

If Joe isn’t sitting in the oval office and signing everything he’s told to sign then anything could happen. A lot of heavily influential people remain nervous that should Trump regain his rightful place as a leader of We the People they’ll all have nooses around their necks.

The campaign team is grasping at straws trying to figure out how to get a large enough crowd to photograph. It suddenly dawned on them that “an estimated 600,000 seniors live in Nevada.

Many will identify with Joe as one of them, and staffers can work the crowd looking for folks with alzheimers and dementia. Some say John Kerry wants to sign them all up as registered democrats and make sure they have help voting the mail in ballots, plural, which they’ll be getting.

Jill tried to convince a “crowd of seniors” that Joe’s competence isn’t the issue, Donald Trump is.

Trump dominating the polls

There’s only one little problem with Democrat plans for the re-election of Joe Biden. They already have the votes. They’re all boxed up and ready to run through the machines as soon as there’s a water main break or some other convenient distraction.

The snag is that Joe’s not polling high enough to justify all the votes they plan to stuff in the ballot boxes. The most recent polls show Trump up by five points, despite his recent felony conviction in New York. If anything, that only made him more popular. Trump’s campaign has been raking in donations by the millions ever since the verdict was handed down.

Jill got selected to kick off the “Seniors for Biden-Harris whistlestop tour” with events in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Duluth, Minnesota. That was on Thursday. By Friday she was in Nevada playing bingo and pickleball.

Democrats think the only chance Joe has is through rallies and phone banks designed to “send the older voting demographic to the polls in support of a candidate who would be 86 by the end of a second consecutive term.

According to Jill, “Joe Biden is a healthy, wise, 81-year-old, ready and willing to get to work every day to make our future better.” Isn’t that Trump’s line? Great, better… same thing.

She carefully misquoted Benjamin Franklin’s line about early to bed and early to rise. Franklin opines that makes a man “healthy, wealthy, and wise.” He may be “willing to get to work every day to make our future better” but Jill left out the wealthy part. That’s because of all the ongoing investigations into how that wealth was acquired.