ANTIFA: We Got a Trumper Right Here…BANG BANG

Trumper Found by ANTIFA
Photo via Andy Ngo Twitter Video Screenshot

After a Trump supporter was shot in Portland, the media tried to turn the tables and say that the Trump supporter more or less got what he deserved.

A friend of the victim, however, came forward to say they were unarmed, even though the Internet trolls tried to make a case that the victim had fired first.

Thanks to Andy Ngo, there is now video documenting and corroborating the same story that the victim’s friend issued, stating that they were “hunted” by BLM/ANTIFA members.

Right before shots are fired, if you listen, it does sound as though someone said, “We got a Trumper right here.”

According to the victim’s friend, the words that came next were “pull it out,” meaning a gun, then we hear gunshots fired.

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