Waitress Noticed Family Praying, Added THIS to Their Receipt


This one restaurant in North Carolina is likely going to see either public outrage or a boom in their business after this incident. It was reported by customers that when staff noticed them praying over their meals, they added something unexpected on their receipt.

Mary Haglund, the owner of Mary’s Gourmet Diner in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, recently made national headlines when she confirmed that her establishment offers a 15 percent discount on bills for those who “pray in public.” The devout Christian businesswoman has been offering this gesture for several years and recently opened up about why she does it.

Haglund believes that every plate of food is a gift from God and is moved whenever someone at her diner honors their gratefulness. She also made it clear that no one on staff feels obligated to give out the discount if they are not comfortable doing so.

This powerful message about faithfulness and gratitude resonated with many Americans and was shared widely online.

It all started when Jordan Smith stopped by Mary’s Gourmet Diner for breakfast one Wednesday morning while traveling to Winston-Salem on business with two colleagues. After receiving the discount when they prayed over their meal, Smith posted a picture of the receipt to Facebook which then got picked up by Z88.3 radio station in Orlando and went viral from thereon.

Smith said she was surprised at how quickly the photo spread online but was happy that people found it inspiring and motivating.

Hagland insists that her special offer isn’t limited to any particular type of prayer or religion; anyone is welcome to take advantage of it regardless of their beliefs. It’s a unique opportunity for everyone from all backgrounds and faiths to come together and share something meaningful – an act of kindness rooted in faithfulness and gratitude towards God’s blessings.