VIDEO: They TRIED to Rob a Gun Store… BAD IDEA

Robbing Gun Store
Photo via Twitter Video Screenshot

So, here is a hint…

If you are going to rob a gun store, it is probably a good idea to find out if the man behind the counter is carrying.

A video popped up on Twitter yesterday that shows exactly how badly things can go when the bad guys don’t do their due diligence.

A Win for the Good Guys

As the video starts, just a couple of buddies are hanging out and talking.

A man walks in and seems to be a regular customer.

Suddenly, a second man comes in hot.

The worker was quick on the draw, immediately hitting the first shooter and sending the second guy scrambling out the door.

The guy in the red shirt is lucky that he did because the shooter had already turned to face the man in the red shirt.

If another second had gone by, that dude would be lying on the ground as well.

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From the scene in the video, it looks like the good guy made a kill shot on the draw…

The amusing part about this is the man in the red shirt.

For some reason, he runs behind a tent display, a TENT! As if that would protect him from gunfire.

Score one for the good guys.