Trump Lands Cherished Endorsement… Biden Campaign Rocked

Donald Trump
Photo Courtesy of The White House via Creative Commons License

Joe Biden could not have gotten worse news 48 hours within the official start of the election.

On Sunday, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette announced that it was putting the weight of its endorsement behind Trump.

The paper did not pretend that Trump is perfect but rather stating he is simply the better man for Americans right now.

This endorsement comes as Biden’s support in Pennsylvania has withered away from a once double-digit lead to a virtual tie.

The endorsement shows that the people of PA that rely on the fossil fuel industry, specifically, the fracking industry, are very worried about their future if Joe Biden is elected…

Most pundits now agree that this race could come down to PA and if it does, that endorsement may have just handed the presidency to Donald Trump.

Also, here is your friendly reminder that if you mailed your ballot in, please check your state website to ensure your ballot was accepted.

If it was not, then you need to head to your nearest polling station to ensure that your vote counts!

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