Russians Surrender
Photo via the Telegraph YouTube Video Screenshot

Ukraine has made an ingenious move against Russia and it is already paying off.

The country has established a surrender hotline for Russian soldiers.

It is called “I Want to Live.”

According to Ukraine, more than 2,000 soldiers have already called.

A video surfaced on Thursday of what is apparently the beginning of many surrenders.

We Give Up

The footage is pretty amazing.

An armored personnel carrier (APC) pulls into a field where Ukrainian troops have been stationed.

The vehicle stops and Russian troops emerge, hands up, surrendering to the Ukrainians in the field.

Vitaly Kim, head of the Nikolayev region’s military administration, explained, “We bought an BMP-2 (APC).”

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He continued, “Occupiers have begun to surrender with their equipment in the Kherson area. Russian servicemen, follow their example. How to correctly surrender to the Ukrainian Armed Forces — watch here.”

Ukraine is now buying its way out of the war, probably with our money.

They are offering troops $50,000 for an APC, $100,000 for a tank, and $1 million for a plane.

I would imagine that Putin is red-faced and ready to explode that his troops are willing to sell him out.

When you add this to the fact that fighting-aged males are running to the border, it is pretty clear that Putin has lost the edge in this conflict.

It is also quite scary to think what he will do out of an act of desperation.