They Finally Got Him… He’s Been Arrested!

    Photo By NomadSoul1 via Envato Elements

    In mid-September, two deputies were ambushed, both shot in the face when a coward walked up to their vehicle and shot them.

    Amazingly, both officers survived the ambush, but the shooter managed to get away scot-free… until now.

    As it turns out, the alleged shooter, Deonte Lee Murray, had been arrested on September 15 on unrelated charges.

    After a long standoff with officers, he was taken into custody and charged with a recent carjacking and shooting.

    After comparing images from the ambush, however, officers believed Murray was the same shooter.

    He was eventually tied to the ambush through ballistics tests of weapons that had already been recovered.

    Sheriff’s Capt. Kent Wegener stated, “The carjacking suspect’s photograph, when compared to the suspect’s image in the surveillance video of the attempted murder, strengthened the possibility that he was involved.”

    He later added, “It was determined through ballistic comparison, that the pistol recovered was the pistol used to shoot the deputies, additionally that pistol was conclusively linked through forensic testing to suspect Deonte Murray.”

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    Murray’s next court date will be November 17.

    You can read more about Murray’s capture on CBS Local Los Angeles.