Teen Sleepover Prank Turns Tragic [Video]


When I was a kid, sleepovers were more common a thing than they are today.

Back in the day when we actually had to communicate with people on a face to face basis, when we wanted to spend time with our friends we would go over to their house to watch movies and then sleep.

Things used to be a lot simpler. Back in the days before social media, we still did goofy things, but we didn’t do things where we set out to harm other people.

I see this with the younger members of my family, their timelines on their phones social media accounts are filled with people doing stuff that is just dangerous and outright mean.

Take for example the case of something I have learned about called the Hot Water Challenge.

The people that came up with this say it is supposed to be a prank. For me, a prank is switching someone’s soda with a flat soda or something like that. Pie in the face, shaving cream fight…something simple.

The Hot Water Challenge is just evil. Basically people are waiting until their friends are asleep and pouring boiling water on them.

Nickolas Conrad had this happen to him and it has affected him pretty severely. He was sleeping over at a friend’s house one night when the other kids that were still awake poured boiling hot water on his neck.

As you can probably imagine, Nick woke up pretty much immediately and was in some pretty severe pain.

Poor Nick suffered first and second degree burns on his neck.

You could probably imagine how bad that hurts while it is healing, given the fact that you move your neck pretty much every second you are awake.

I don’t know if this is bad parenting what his “friends” did to him, but this has got to be one of the more evil things I have ever heard of someone doing to someone as a prank.

I mean really, what the heck ever happened to putting someone’s hand in warm water while they are sleeping?

People really need to stop with these ignorant attention grabbing stunts, someone is going to get hurt really bad.