Joe Biden Implicated… It’s OVER

Joe Biden
Photo via PaulBudineProductions YouTube Video Screenshot

A former business partner of Hunter Biden’s just came forward with some rather explosive information.

Most of the mainstream media outlets are completely ignoring it, of course, but the bombshell reveals Joe Biden was far more involved in Hunter’s business dealings than he has let on…

There are now multiple sources confirming information about Joe Biden being involved in Hunter’s business dealings and a treasure trove of emails saying the same.

So, when is the mainstream media going to start investigating this?

What is also concerning is that Congress had already reportedly investigated all of this and the FBI has had Hunter’s laptop in its possession for some time.

This corruption scandal goes way beyond Joe Biden.

From my viewpoint, everyone is scared to out Joe Biden because they all know it would expose them as well.

I would be willing to wager the schemes that Biden was involved in are happening up and down the aisle in Congress, which is why everyone wants to stay mum on this.

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You can read more about this report on Breitbart & Fox News.