He asked Joe Biden for help… NO RESPONSE

Joe Biden
Photo via CBS News YouTube Video Screenshot

Jon Taffer is widely considered to be one of the foremost hospitality consultants in the world.

His TV show, “Bar Rescue,” is extremely popular and has made him a household name.

Point being, that when he reaches out to see how the government can help restaurants and bars on the other side of this pandemic, you would think the phone would be picked up.

Well, Donald Trump did pick up the phone, but Joe Biden did not.

Tapper stated, “I interviewed President Trump six days before the election, and I got to spend 20 minutes with him. My questions to him were very hospitality-specific, and I asked him what programs and plans he felt the industry needed.”

“We discussed four key programs with [Trump], but I have not had any response from Biden.

“We requested the same interview from the Biden camp, again, this six days before the election.”

You can hear the full interview with Taffer below…

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