Mike Pence Just CONFESSED… Political Career in Jeopardy

Mike Pence Donald Trump
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Here we go again.

Every time the GOP has Joe Biden over a barrel, someone screws up.

This time it is former vice president Mike Pence.

Pence announced today that he found classified documents at his Indiana home.

What Is Wrong with These People

With all the coverage on the Biden documents, Pence thought it might be a good idea to check his home out.

When he did, he found a folder that he stated was marked classified, although he is unsure if those documents still maintain that standing.

To be safe, he alerted Archives, then the documents were immediately put into a safe.

The FBI collected the documents at Pence’s Carmel, Indiana, home on Thursday night, January 19.

Pence was in DC at the time the documents were collected for a pro-life March.

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Fox News reported, “According to Pence’s attorney Greg Jacob in a letter to Chief Operating Officer William ‘Jay’ Bosanko of the National Archives and Records Administration on Jan. 22, the DOJ departed from its standard procedures that it ran with Biden, when it requested direct possession of the documents on Jan. 19.”

There were additional documents that were found, but they were not marked classified.

Regardless, Pence had them taken to National Archives.

This could wind up being game over for Pence, especially if those documents are found to have been classified.

I am just not sure what these people are thinking, keeping these documents around so casually.

It would appear as though we need a new system for checking out documents because the one we have now is clearly a joke.

And I again go back to why is Archives missing the boat on controlling these documents?