Giuliani Just Blew the Lid Off the Entire Election

Photo via Fox 10 News YouTube Video Screenshot

Rudy Giuliani has taken over President Trump’s fight to win this election, and he has hit the ground running.

On Thursday, Giuliani held a press conference that left Democrats and the media talking to themselves as they walked out the door.

Giuliani outlined numerous cases of voting irregularities, holding up a stack of affidavits to make his case.

What was truly stunning, however, is that he revealed there could be more cases coming in states nobody ever even considered before, such as Virginia.

Giuliani stated that his team has uncovered a centralized effort to change the election outcome in numerous Democrat-run cities.

He would go on to specifically use Philadelphia as an example, a city that has a long history of questionable elections.

What is frustrating everyone, however, is that Giuliani has yet to make this proof public, which we are going to assume is because these cases have not yet found their way to the courtroom.

You can see the full press conference below…

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