Teamsters Plan New ‘Boycott’ in Solidarity With Trump


Patriotic American truckers are standing behind Once and Future President Donald Trump with a boycott of New York City. This isn’t an organized protest. Instead, it’s a massive grass roots uprising. Patriotic teamsters are ticked off over the raw deal verdict handed down by the “kangaroo court” of a fraud trial. In response, they’re “refusing” to deliver any freight to the offensive liberal city. Let them haul it themselves. “It could shut New York City down,” relates trucker Jennifer Hernandez.

Truckers boycott New York

You can’t blame truckers for announcing a boycott of deliveries to New York City. They’re convinced their favorite Make America Great Again figurehead was railroaded by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron.

For the past decade, America’s diesel herding freight drivers have been active participants in conservative politics. Engoron’s “decision to fine Trump $355 million” for common accounting practices is seen as nothing but raw election interference.

When they get upset, they can do more than just form convoys. As word spreads, “more drivers vow to join the boycott.” It could paralyze the liberal city and leave them without food and basic supplies.

It could shut New York City down,” Jennifer Hernandez observes. “I’m not trying to hurt the people of New York, that’s not what I’m trying to do.” She simply wants to send a message.

If New York loses just 10% of the trucks that go in there, their prices are going to skyrocket on everything — from milk to eggs, to any type of goods that the consumer needs. When that happens, it’s going to cost everyone more money.

The truckers want to grab New York by the wallet, as the overreaching judge did. Officials can doubt the brewing boycott if they want, but do so at their own peril. “Bleep around and find out,” one driver declared.


Can’t force them

Because the truckers have the right to decide which loads they want to haul, nobody can make anyone move freight against their will. The freight bosses are behind the boycott.

Chicago Ray” posted a social media update claiming “95% of truckers” support Trump. The suits “ain’t gonna care if we deny the loads — we’ll just go somewhere else.” The protest was slated to start with the workweek, February 19.

Despite the claims in Deep State controlled media that the movement is already fizzling out, because one of the truckers who posted about it backed down, #Truckers4Trump generated 6,632 posts on X, and counting.

The boycott popped up suddenly like a mushroom and instantly went viral. It’s bound to have a huge effect. Only time will tell, so we’ll watch this one close.

Rightful President Donald Trump is fully behind the boycott and issued a statement from his seat of government-in-exile, Mar-a-Lago. “Such an honor to have so many Great Patriots on the side of freedom,” he posted on Truth Social. “Joe Biden’s Unfair and Dangerous Weaponization of Law Enforcement is a serious threat to Democracy MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

The original idea for the boycott was tracked to “conservative social media influencer Chicago Ray.” He came up with the idea but didn’t “organize” anything. That happened all on it’s own. “Drivers can make their own decisions based on their families and their careers. I ain’t the leader of any movement.” Neither was Earl Conlon, who really started the movement back in 2014 with “T2SDA.” Truckers to Shut Down America almost did. The veterans and bikers showed up in D.C. to help them do it. That effort never ended. It flares and smolders back down every so often. This is only the latest flare-up.