Five Guys Caught Refusing To Serve Police!

Five Guys

I grew up in a small town that had a police force of maybe twelve people, fifteen if there was a parade.

Every business in my small town knew every single one of the cops by name. If a cop walked into your restaurant, you knew to treat them as a good as you possibly could.

That cop might be the one thing between you and your place getting robbed one day. The fact of the matter is that cops have a tough job, where if something goes wrong it might be all over for them.

Cops clock in every day knowing that. Most cops I know don’t want to have their butts kissed when they go in somewhere. They just want to be given the same respect as anyone else that walks in there.

Which brings me to an incident that happened recently at a Five Guys location in Alabama.

Now to be fair I have eaten at Five Guys when I’ve been invited, but it is not some place I would go on my own. I mean, sure their burgers are alright but my mother would turn in her grave if she knew I was paying as much as Five Guys charges for one of their burgers.

Anyway, the incident in question came about when a group of police officers from the town of Daphne, Alabama came in to get something late one evening.

As soon as the three cops walked in to make an order on a lunch break, six of the seven employees that were on staff turned their backs on the cops.

They refused to serve them. The cops did not exactly want to escalate a situation that was already tense so they did what anyone would do, they left.

What the employees of the Five Guys did not anticipate, was that the story would not end with the cops leaving the restaurant.

A representative of the police department called the ownership of the restaurant to tell them what had happened to them.

The ownership then fired every single employee that was on shift that night that refused to serve the police officers.

They then closed the entire store town for a time so the remaining employees could be taught that you don’t act like an idiot to people that are trying to protect your community.