Paul Sorvino Dead at 83

Good Fellas
Photo via YouTube Video Screenshot

Another major star from the movie “Goodfellas” has left us.

Paul Sorvino, one of the film’s major stars, passed away at 83.

His death follows that of Ray Liotta, who played Henry Hill in the movie, who only died in May.

They Are All Leaving Us…

The news only broke moments ago that Sorvino had passed away.

His wife, Dee Dee, was with him when he passed on Monday morning.

She stated, “Our hearts are broken, there will never be another Paul Sorvino, he was the love of my life, and one of the greatest performers to ever grace the screen and stage.”

His death is the fourth death of high-profile “gangster” stars in recent months.

Sorvino became a legend for his role in “Goodfellas,” but it was hardly his only claim to fame.

Sorvino has 172 credits on his resume, starting in 1970 with some small roles and doing a lot of TV movies throughout the 1970s.

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Oddly enough, he played in James Caan’s “The Gambler,” who passed away only last week.

Sorvino had already established himself in the industry when “Goodfellas” came along in 1990, giving fans dozens of iconic one-liners to use in conversation.

That would include the famous prison seen where Henry drops off the weekly bounty…

While Sorvino remained active, he was no longer landing those major roles, as we have seen with many aging stars.

Sorvino had four more projects on his board at the time of his death.

They were: “Pursued,” which is completed, “The Ride,” which is in post-production, “My Jurassic Place,” which was filming, and “The Chameleon,” a TV movie that had only been announced.

Rest in peace, Paulie, and I am sure you and Ray and having a chuckle together now wherever you are.