Attempted Police Assassination Caught on Tape

    Police Assassination
    Photo via LA County Sheriffs HQ Twitter Video Screenshot

    How much damage has the current Democrat narrative done to this country?

    Well, we have gotten to the point when we have the name of an alleged rapist adorned on the helmet of an NFL player on national TV and portrayed as a hero.

    At the same time, the alleged victim has to see this every day.

    Not only that, but liberals are buying into this narrative so much that women’s advocacy groups are keeping their mouths shut while all this is going on.

    Criminals have also become emboldened when it comes to the police.

    Hoodlums are getting in cops faces, throwing every insult imaginable at them, and Democrats do not say a word.

    As bad as all that is, however, the worst fallout over the current narrative is that our police officers are now being targeted by thugs.

    They literally walk up to them in broad daylight and try to assassinate them…

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    Not only that, but when people see it happening, they do nothing.

    Correction, they don’t help, but they video it, then stream it on social media and laugh about it.

    Then go taunt the officers at the hospital, telling them they hope their brother officer dies…

    While all this is happening, our Democrat president and vice president nominees are still openly advocating for police reform and saying little to prevent more attacks and behavior like this from continuing to take place.

    I have said this before, but I will say it again… if Joe Biden wins this election, our Republic may never recover.