5 DEAD, 50 Shot… They are Still Counting Bodies

Chicago Shooting
Photo via CBS Chicago YouTube Video Screenshot

Another weekend, another bloodletting fest in the city of Chicago.

Usually, we only see this level of violence in Chicago during the summer, but the thugs in the city have decided that they are going to extend the season of violence well into the winter months this year.

By Sunday night, a total of 50 shootings had occurred in the city, and the clock was still ticking.

Out of those, there were already five deaths.

Mayor Lightfoot, instead of doing something about the violence that has taken over her city, continues to blame Trump and conservatives for her problems.

We should note, there have already been more than 3,600 shootings and more than 670 homicides in the city this year.

This is more than a 50 percent increase over 2019 and is starting to rival the numbers of the horrific 1990s in the city.

Nice job, Mayor Lightfoot.

You can read more about the violence in Chicago this weekend on ABC 7 Chicago.

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