Cars Slam into Nebraska Crowd, At Least 2 Dead, 19 Injured


A mass casualty event occurred when multiple vehicles slammed into a crowd Sunday night in Lincoln, NE.

At least two people have already died after the crash.

A total of 19 were injured, with one of those reportedly in critical condition.

What Happened?

Exactly what happened still remains a bit of a mystery.

The location of the accident is a regular gathering spot in Lincoln, especially over holiday weekends.

From what I have been able to find out so far, two vehicles crashed and careened into the crowd.

Reports stated that both women drivers of the cars have been pronounced dead.

Another victim is believed to have been in critical condition…

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First responders treated numerous other victims at the scene, with more driving themselves to local hospitals for treatment.

As mentioned above, we are not sure if this was a targeted attack or an “accident” near a crowd.